Bristol based children’s entertainer Lucy Lost-it, really stands out from the crowd. Skilled in the art of captivating the room and holding every child’s attention, Lucy uses her full array of mad and crazy skills to create a routine just for you.

The Magical Mayhem Show – 1 hour from £125

With 15 minutes of super exciting games followed by an eye-catching 45 minute show, Lucy Lost-It brings excitement and a touch of magical mayhem to your day. Every minute is bursting with magic, comedy, juggling, balloons, and puppets that will get everyone in on the act!

The Magical Circus Ride –  2 hours from £185

Get ready for something extra special with two shows in one! After starting things off with an hour of excitement with the Magical Mayhem Show you’ll take a relaxing 20 minute break for food and plenty of delicious cake. In the background children’s entertainer Lucy will use all of her magical skills to conjure up a circus area and juggle whilst the kids finish that last tasty slice.

You’ll split into 2 groups and explore the magical world of the circus; mastering plate spinning and the diabolically difficult diablo! To bring down the house Children’s entertainer Lucy will show you her latest skill: peacock feather balancing, and over see some races with a difference!

The ‘Let’s Go Disco’ Show – 2 hours from £230

Bring a touch of magic to any birthday with Lucy Lost-It! Get the kids on their feet and in stitches with an hour of excitement with the Magical Mayhem Show. Then get ready to take a well-earned 20 minute break for some delicious food and cake! Whilst you enjoy a good rest something special is happening…

As if by magic Lucy Lost-It will conjure up a disco and aims to make every child feel included. Children will get busy burning off that cake with some energetic disco games, and then the special birthday star will help Lucy hand out a treasure trove of gifts and treats. There is a magic wand kit which includes a wand and 6 fun tricks to try, and their very own Lucy Lost-it sticker. The perfect way to make a birthday a special day!

All packages include a magician’s certificate, special pre-made balloon sculpture, birthday card, a magic wand kit and sticker for the birthday star.

NB: Prices are based on a maximum of 25 children. There will be a small extra charge for more children or joint/triple birthday parties. 

Party Bag alternatives – Magic Wand kits can be purchased for £1.50 or pre-made balloons for £1 each, which Lucy Lost-it can give one out to all the children at the end of the party. Balloons will be swords or flowers.